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Presentations 2014

Maria Cristina BARBERO - Project Management tools & Mathematics: understand to rely upon

 Patrice BLANCHARD - 10 ways to get fired during a Steerco and have the right to go raise goats

Jonathan BUCK - Project Teams that Think, Succeed - Understanding People in Projects

Yves CAVAREC - The art of engaging people throughout projects and changes

Carl DANNEELS - The Change Management Office: Next Up?

  Not Available yet

Sebastien DUPRE - Program manager: artist or sicentist?

Theofanis GIOTIS - Cognitive biases as complexity enhancers in project, program and portfolio management

Laurent JANSSENS - Greening our world, through Green Project Management®

Nader K. RAD - Project Managers are biaised too

Eddy KUNNEN - The practical use of earned schedule management.Tips & tricks

Max LANGOSCO - Risk Management at the Edge of Chaos

Kamil MROZ Success Tips on Breaking into Project Management as a Profession: Art, Science and Practical Experence

Lars SUDMANN - The Communication CODE - How to Positively influence and communicate with power

Zbigniew TRACZYK - Trends in Project Management

 Not Available yet

Hans VAN HEGHE - Project Manager/member is a Knowledge Worker requiring a Digital Workplace

Bart VANDEN BERGHE (TOBIUS) - Enabling Scrumban within project management boundaries

Stephan VANDEVOORDE - If Time is Money, Accuracy pays dividends!

Ivo VELITCHKOV - Essential Balances in Projects

Annette VENDELBO - Secrets of Great Project Leaders: 5 Pitfalls in Communication That They Always Avoid

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